Ice Pack

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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): D-Town Recordings
Appearances (SS): They're Playing My Song
Powers/Skills: Music
Voiced By:

Ice Pack is a rap artist signed to D-Town Recordings in Dakota City. Touted as a muscial genius, Ice Pack often refers to himself in third person and wears a golden medallion shaped as a dollar sign. He was aware that this producer, D.J. Rook, supplied him with stolen music and continued in finishing his ablum. While being driven around in the center of the city, Ice Pack's car was attacked by Rubberband Man. His music was one of many stolen by Rook. Static intervened and allowed the artist to escape. Rubberband Man confronted Ice Pack again during a live album signing at Spire Records by shapeshifting into an alluring woman to get close enough. Rubberband Man then took Ice Pack to the top of the building and stranded him atop a spire. Upon interrogating him for more information, Rubberband Man learned about Rook and left Ice Pack alone. Although he was later rescued by Static, the Dakota Action News concluded it was just a publicity stunt.