Sharon Hawkins

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Real Identity: Sharon Hawkins
Affiliation(s): Freeman Community Center
Appearances (SS): Shock to the System, Aftershock, The Breed, They're Playing My Song, Sons of the Fathers, Junior, Winds of Change, Bent Out of Shape, Replay, Tantrum, Sunspots, Trouble Squared, Brother-Sister Act, Static Shaq, Frozen Out, Bad Stretch, Pop's Girlfriend, Attack of the Living Brain Puppets, Consequences, Duped, Static in Africa, The Usual Suspect, Flashback, Showtime, Blast From the Past, Out of Africa, Fallen Hero, Linked, Where Rubber Meets the Road, Kidnapped, and Power Outage
Powers/Skills: Social Work
Voiced By: Michele Morgan and Ambrosia Kelley (Child)

Sharon Hawkins is the first child of Robert and Jean Hawkins. They believed she needed a constant companion and soon, Virgil Hawkins was born. The two have an antagonistic relationship with each other and routinely share insults. Unlike her mother, Hawkins is terrible at cooking. Unlike Virgil, she came to terms with her mother's death the quickest of the three and took on the household affairs. She attends Dakota University and appears to be majored in Psychology. After the Big Bang, she immediately took a liking to Static and saw him as a good thing for the city. Soon after, Hawkins began a romance with Stringer, a new music star. She mainly wanted to get to know him better and end his mysterious nature. However, Static revealed he was Rubberband Man, an escaped convict. Hawkins contended there was good in him and convinced him to surrender to the police and end the animosity with Static. During a memorial service for the slain rescue workers, including her mother, Hawkins volunteered to help compile a video of her.

Sharon Hawkins began to take on a greater load with college and took on 16 units and volunteered around Dakota such as a local hospital and food drives like the annual Food Drive for the Homeless co-sponsored by Freeman Community Center. However, she also began to suspect Static was her brother when both used an obscure phrase. Luckily, Static convinced a Bang Baby named Mirage to conjure an illusion of him in the sky. He then appeared to Hawkins in his civilian clothes at the same time to debunk her theory. To add to her busy life, Robert Hawkins began dating a woman named Trina Jessup. At first, the two women were awkward around each other but Sharon Hawkins tried to get to know Jessup better. During the family trip to Ghana, Hawkins experienced a cultural epiphany and developed a new outlook on life. Upon returning home, her life began to change for the best. She earned a counseling internship at the Freeman Community Center and immediately help turn around the lives of Marcus Reed and Dule Jones.

Hawkins also continued to volunteer her spare time and date Adam Evans. She attempted to influence Virgil Hawkins to also volunteer. They both worked at a local retirement home and at the Dakota Museum of History. For the latter, they aided Dr. Anokye, whom they met in Ghana, with the Ancient Trasures of Africa exhibit. However, when Osebo, Mmoboro and Onini appeared in Dakota, Anokye hid the Golden Spider, one of the artifacts, in Hawkins' jacket. She immediately began to notice a strange power to change the appearance of objects. Osebo kidnapped her but she helped Static, Gear, and Anansi defeat him. In the aftermath, she returned the Golden Spider to Anansi. A short time later, Hawkins witnessed her father being kidnapped by Puff and Onyx. While following them, her car was totaled. She was further infuriated when her insurance agent notified her the car wasn't covered for metahumans. At the time, Robert Hawkins decided it was for the best she didn't know who Static and Gear really were.