Robert Hawkins

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Real Identity: Robert "Streak" Hawkins
Affiliation(s): United States Marine Corps and Freeman Community Center
Appearances (SS): Shock to the System, Aftershock, The Breed, They're Playing My Song, The New Kid, Child's Play, Sons of the Fathers, Junior, Bent Out of Shape, Replay, Tantrum, Sunspots, Trouble Squared, Static Shaq, Frozen Out, Bad Stretch, Pop's Girlfriend, Attack of the Living Brain Puppets, Consequences, Jimmy, Static in Africa, Flashback, Showtime, Blast From the Past, Out of Africa, Fallen Hero, Hoop Squad, Linked, Wet and Wild, Kidnapped, and Power Outage
Powers/Skills: Social Work
Voiced By: Kevin Michael Richardson

Robert Hawkins grew up idolizing the superhero Soul Power. Hawkins once owned every Soul Power comic book until his mother made him throw them all away. He managed to keep several film reels though. While attending college, Hawkins appeared to be a student athlete and was friends with Rashid Randall. At the time, Hawkins' nickname was "Streak," after his above average speed. Randall went on to professional football while Hawkins enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. He eventually settled down in Dakota City and married Jean. While he worked as a counselor at Freeman Community Center and she as a rescue worker, they had a daughter named Sharon and son named Virgil together. He also began to wear prescription glasses for his waning eyesight. Probably due to his Marine Corps training, Hawkins remained a strict adherent to following the rules. At the Center, he especially wouldn't allow children to leave unless their parents were there to pick them up.

Robert and Jean Hawkins continued to help others while saving up for a family trip to Ghana in west Africa. They often incorporated conflict avoidance, a method that avoids directly confronting a problem as a short term measure to stall for time, when dealing with children. He was once a counselor at a basketball camp and mentored a young man named Shaquille O'Neal. O'Neal affectionately referred to him as "Big Man." When Jean Hawkins died in the Dakota Gang Riots, he was affected the most and took longer than the children to cope. It took Hawkins' even longer to be able to say her name without feeling pain. He rose the ranks at the Community Center and later became its head administrator.

After the Big Bang, Hawkins was upset about the surge of metahumans and the way the Mayor was handling the situation. He openly questioned the Mayor during a public meeting and suspected a cover up, like many others. At first, he didn't care for Static and thought he had a massive ego. Hawkins also became concerned when his son became more and more irresponsible at the same time. He attempted to add more structure to his life when he could. When Virgil Hawkins asked for a raise in his allowance, Hawkins obliged and enrolled him in a work-study program with Burger Fool. He eventually had to come with terms that both of his children were growing up. Sharon Hawkins convinced him to help out her boyfriend, Adam Evans, a convict turned superhero. Hawkins spoke with Captain Fince at the 123rd Precinct and was able to have Evans transferred to a safer prison to serve out his remaining sentence. He also became concerned with his son's growing friendship with Daisy Watkins.

Nonetheless, Hawkins continued to perform great acts of service for his city. Hawkins was able to persuade O'Neal to consent to help with a basketball mini-camp and later teamed up with a local church for the annual food drive for the homeless. He also made the push to live his life and began dating Officer Trina Jessup. Although he knew no one could replace Jean Hawkins, he couldn't wallow in sadness forever. He also ventured out of Dakota from time to time, such as counselor's conferences. Hawkins attended one around the time when Boom and Mirage, a pair of related Bang Babies, debuted. Some months later, he raised the most money for a charity and won an all-expense paid trip for three to the NBA All-Star Games. Hawkins took his son and Richie Foley to Los Angeles with him. After returning home, he also helped with an all-star charity NFL game that included his college friend, Rashid Randall.

A short time later, while leaving for the night from Freeman, Hawkins was kidnapped by Puff and Onyx, whom were contracted by Dr. Karen Roberts. When Static began to steal for Roberts, Hawkins realized the superhero was his son. He later admitted in a roundabout way, he always knew the truth in the back of his head. Static and Gear were able to rescue him and defeat Roberts with a counter-virus. Although Hawkins didn't approve of his son and Foley's crime fighting career, he knew they were given powers for a reason and supported their choice.