Jean Hawkins

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Real Identity: Jean Hawkins
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (SS): Tantrum and Flashback
Powers/Skills: First-Response Medicine
Voiced By: Alfre Woodard

Jean Hawkins is the wife of Robert Hawkins and mother of Sharon and Virgil Hawkins. She was known for her bravery, patience, and dedication to helping people to the point of stubbornness. During one summer, Hawkins was an emergency rescue doctor responding on scene to incidents related to the Dakota Gang Riots. While responding to a warehouse fire, Hawkins was rescued by Static. Atop a rooftop, he revealed himself to be her son from the future and explained what happened. Despite knowing her destiny, Hawkins refused to hide no matter the risks to help the injured. After Static left to aid Gear in stopping Ebon from causing a new Big Bang, Hawkins responded to an emergency on 54th Street. She was killed in the line of duty by a stray gunshot. Hawkins' co-workers recall how she kept referring to her son as her "superhero."

Virgil Hawkins continued to struggle with her death well into his teenage years as he was only a child at the time. A few years later, a memorial service was held. The Hawkins' family made a compilation tape of Jean Hawkins from old family videotapes. At first, Virgil Hawkins refused to participate but changed his mind and did it for her. During the speech, Hawkins declared her spirit would always be alive within him. Dakota City completed and dedicated a monument to fallen rescue workers on the fifth anniversary of the Dakota Gang Riots. The likeness of Hawkins was used. Static and Gear soon met Nina Crocker, a Bang Baby with the power to time travel. Static entertained the idea of using her to save his mother's life but Gear objected to altering the timeline. However, when Ebon tried to steal her power, the four went back five years into the past. Static met his mother and was unable to save her life but spent precious moments together.