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Real Identity: Hippolyta
First Appearance: Secret Origins Part One, Paradise Lost Part One, Part Two, Fury Part One, Part Two, Hereafter Part One and the Balance
Powers: Amazon strength, combat skills
Family: Wonder Woman (daughter)
Voiced By: Susan Sullivan

An immortal under the auspices of the Greek gods, Hippolyta dwelled within the gates of Mount Olympus. 3000 years ago, she was seduced by the god of war, Hades and tricked into opening the gates for the invading Titans. After the bloody war, Hades was banished to Tartarus. Hippolyta was sentenced to watch over the door to Tartarus on the god's chosen city-state of Themyscira, an island located somewhere near the Bermuda Triangle. Hippolyta ruled as Queen of the Amazons, a society of immortal female warriors, and lay hidden from the human race for centuries.

Though never accounted for, it is said that the gods took pity on Hippolyta's desire for a child and took interest in a clay statue she and Hades molded together. The gods breathed life into it and Diana, later known as Wonder Woman was born.

Later, Themyscira became a haven for a lone Kaznian refugee when the ship she stowed away on was destroyed by pirates. Raised by Hippolyta as Aresia, she excelled as an Amazon but her past clung to her fragile mind. Sensing a growing hatred, Hippolyta confined Aresia to an isolated tower in order to force Aresia to meditate in peace. However, Aresia managed to leave Themyscria secretly and attempted to eradicate the males of Earth with biological warfare. Hawkgirl managed to enter Themyscria and discover Aresia's motives much to the dismay of Hippolyta.

When the Imperium fleet invaded, Hippolyta refused to intervene despite the adult Diana's plea. Diana went alone in a special armor to help fight the alien invaders and joined the newly formed Justice League. Eight months later, Diana summoned up the strength to return to Themyscria only to find it decimated by the sorcerer Felix Faust. After Faust and his benefactor Hades were dispatched, Hippolyta thanked the League and upheld the law and banished Diana from the island. Hippolyta remains a fair and wise leader and a loving mother, often torn by that duality.