Harv Hickman

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Real Identity: Harv Hickman
Appearances: Knight of Shadows Part One and Part Two
Skills: None/Human
Voiced By: Dave Thomas

In the World War II era, Harv Hickman was involved in the excavation of Castle Branek in Europe. There, he uncovered a tomb that held the famed Philosopher's Stone, said to be the true source of power of King Arthur's sword, Excalibur. Hickman kept the Stone for himself and discovered his wildest dreams were coming true; fame, wealth and women. Hickman became a famous entertainment mogul whose adult magazine is even read by the Flash, for the 'articles'.

When the sorceress Morgaine le Fey learned Hickman possessed the Stone, she journeyed to his estate and proceeded to take it. only to be opposed by the Justice League. Le Fey temporarily transformed Hickman into a gigantic worm, perhaps reflecting his own inner personality, and Wonder Woman incapacitated him. Without the Stone, Hickman's current estate is in question.