General McCormick

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Real Identity: General McCormick
Appearance: Eclipsed Part One and Part Two
Powers: None/Human
Voiced By: Bruce McGill

McCormick is a respected general in the US military. He is stationed at a military base just outside of Central City. General McCormick recently unveiled the Anti-Fusion Device (AFD), a defensive measure designed to stop nuclear fusion in outfitted warheads.

When the Heart of Darkness found its way to the base via a black ops soldier, General McCormick wound up in possession of it. While under the Heart's influence, McCormick viewed a television program featuring the Justice League. Attracted to their power, the possessed McCormick raided the base's weapons armory and sabotaged a nearby power plant in hopes of luring the League to him.

Dressing as a gaudy super villain, McCormick set up explosives and fired rocket propelled grenades. McCormick succeeded in attracting the Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman. He was easily defeated by Wonder Woman, who became the next host of the Ophidians' Heart of Darkness. Afterwards, McCormick was taken to the Central City Police Department for questioning, but like the other hosts of the Heart, he could not remember anything that happened while he was possessed. It is still unknown if McCormick was court martialed and stripped of rank or if he was cleared of all charges.