Howard Groote

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Real Identity: Howard Groote
Appearances (BB): Terry's Friend Dates a Robot, The Eggbaby, Where's Terry?, Speak No Evil and Unmasked
Skills: None
Voiced By: Max Brooks

Howard Groote attends Hamilton High School and is part of the outcasts. Instead of embracing it, Groote strives to be popular. He tries to converse with jocks like Nelson Nash and socialites like Blade Sommers. During a tag along with Terry McGinnis to a synthoid shop, Groote illegally purchased a synthoid and created himself a perfect girlfriend. The ruse paid off and the who's who of Hamilton High came to his house party. However, the synthoid's programming malfunctioned and blew up his parent's house.

During a class project that involved taking care of a simulation baby, Groote was partnered with Dana Tan. Despite his over-attentiveness, Groote and Tan's eggbaby wasn't stimulated enough. Of all the unlikely pairs, Terry McGinnis and Blade Sommers' was the only one.