Gray Ghost

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Real Identity: Simon Trent
Appearances (BTAS): Beware the Gray Ghost
Skills: Acting
Voiced By: Adam West

Simon Trent is an actor hailing from Gotham City. About a decade or more ago, Trent ushered in fame as the television super hero, Gray Ghost. However, Trent soon found himself type-casted as Gray Ghost and couldn't book very many acting roles. He went into semi-retirement and became bitter. To pay for his rent, Trent sold off his Gray Ghost memoribillia to Ted Dymer of Yester Toys, for underprice.

His career was not completely in vain. Gray Ghost's exploits was one of the early influences of a young Bruce Wayne. As Batman, Wayne kept a chrine to Gray Ghost in one of the sections of the Bat Cave.

Ted Dymer moonlighted as an extortionist and copied the Mad Bomber, an enemy of Gray Ghost. To break the case, Batman needed to watch a rare episode of the series. Trent was the only suspected owner. Batman was able to convinve Trent to help, who even donned the Gray Ghost costume and teamed up with Batman. Batman revealed his admiration after he secretly took Trent to the Bat Cave. This brought back hope to Trent. Together, they put a stop to Dymer.

As an indirect result, sightings of the Gray Ghost with Batman were reported. The Ghost's fame resurged and Trent was revitalized. A remake of Gray Ghost began development. Decades later, in the 2040's, a Gray Ghost movie was released.