Summer Gleeson

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Real Identity: Summer Gleeson
Appearances (BTAS):Heart of Ice, Feat of Clay, Feat of Clay Part Two, It's Never Too Late, Nothing to Fear, Be a Clown, Appointment in Crime Alley, The Clock King, The Last Laugh, Two-Face, Vendetta, Night of the Ninja, Beware the Gray Ghost, I Am the Night, Christmas With the Joker, Joker's Wild, Shadow of the Bat, Shadow of the Bat Part Two, Mask of the Phantasm, Riddler's Reform, Baby Doll, Make 'Em Laugh, Lock Up, A Bullet for Bullock, Sub-zero, Chemistry and Mad Love
Appearances (BB):Lost Soul
Appearances (JL/U): The Enemy Below Part One and Divided We Fall
Skills: Investigative
Voiced By: Mari Devon

Summer Gleeson is a lead female investigative reporter in Gotham City. She also doubles as the host of the Gotham Insider which reports on mainly tabloid news. In Gotham, the news never runs out for Gleeson. She has conducted live interviews like one with Roland Dagget, only to be interrupted by Clayface and Batman. Gleeson also covered local events, such as a 'Save the University' fundraiser held by Gotham State Univeristy and the short lived Joker's Wild Casino. Despite appearances, Gleeson has also been at the hem of close encounters with the criminal fringe. She has been kidnapped by the Ninja, Joker and Lock Up.

After years in the field, Gleeson presumably was promoted to a head position and was replaced on the Insider by Jack Ryder, though she still reports from time to time. Gleeson has since ventured from Gotham to cover global events in nearby Metropolis that highlighted the Justice League. Gleeson was on hand to witness the League prevent Deadshot from assassinating Aquaman as well as the JLU's near disbanding after Lex Luthor and Brainiac almost destroyed the planet.