Frieda Goren

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Real Identity: Frieda Goren
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (SS): Shock to the System, Aftershock, The Breed, Grounded, They're Playing My Song, Frozen Out, Attack of the Living Brain Puppets, Jimmy, Duped, Gear, The Usual Suspect, Shebang, Flashback, Romeo in the Mix, Toys in the Hood, She-Back!, No Man's an Island, and Power Outage
Powers/Skills: Journalism and Leadership
Voiced By: Danica McKellar

Frieda Goren is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Goren, a student at Dakota Union High School, and is one of the most popular girls in the student body. She and her family are of Jewish descent and reside in Dakota Hills, a more affluent neighborhood in Dakota City. Virgil Hawkins has nursed a crush on Goren along with many others, good and bad such as Eddie the quarterback, Dave, Seth, Francis Stone, Jimmy Osgood, and Nick Connor. Hawkins once thought of asking her to homecoming but became caught up in gang violence. Goren appears to be completely unaware of Hawkins' affection and is undaunted in the pursuit of perfection. She is a member of the Journalism Club and various student committees. She will pursue any story to the fullest extent and even indulge in some civil disobedience. When the club's faculty advisor, Mr. Chesterson, refused to publish anymore articles because of a 40% budget cutback, Goren convinced a few peers to break into Dakota Union and print an unauthorized edition. However, they were locked in by the school janitor, Mr. Janus, and attacked by a microbe mutated by the Big Bang. Static saved their lives. As police cleared the scene, Goren and her team spoke to the news crew about the budget cut.

During Virgil Hawkins' brief employment at a Burger Fool, several of his friends arrived to mock him. Goren, though, admitted a man with a job was respectable. She was also playing music from Ice Pack's new album and infuriated Adam Evans nearby, whose music was stolen and used on it. Once Daisy Watkins transferred to Dakota Union, she and Goren became best friends and took classes together. Some months later, Goren invited friends and family to her annual Hanukkah celebration. During the festivities, Permafrost attacked an electric substation and every home in Dakota Hills lost power. The next year, she managed to convince Robert Hawkins to allow her to use Freeman Community Center for a Halloween-inspired event called Fright Fest. Goren also managed to recruit a large group of student volunteers to help set up and take down displays. Goren later became one of the bystanders that witnessed Jimmy Osgood shoot Richie Foley in the leg. She and everyone present were required to attend a counseling session with Dr. Franklin.

Some time after Goren and Watkins used their cunning to bribe Richie Foley with a cheeseburger and discovered that A.J. McLean was secretly in town to record his album. They posted the recording studio's information on the class website and proceeded to find the Backstreet Boy. While watching a news report, their observation of his tattoo tipped off Hawkins that McLean was being impersonated by Replikon, a Bang Baby. She and Watkins later won a contest to direct Lil' Romeo's next music video. Romeo was hesitant but agreed to when Static was promised to appear. The shoot was interrupted by the Leech, who mistook Romeo for Static. The duo attempted to befriend Shenice Vale but once her true personality surfaced, even Goren quietly dismissed her from the Homecoming Dance decoration team. Goren continued to never suspect Virgil Hawkins was Static nor Richie Foley, Gear, even when they suspiciously left a recycling campaign after a mysterious explosion. Eventually, Goren married Hawkins and they had a son and daughter together.