Caroline Greenway

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Real Identity: Caroline Greenway
Appearances (GG): Ms'ing in Action, Gotham in Pink, Hear Me Roar, Gotham in Blue, and Jailhouse Wreck
Skills: Law Enforcement, Administration, Bureaucracy, and Politics
Voiced By: Jennifer Hale

Caroline Greenway grew up with a strict regard for the law. She attended Gotham State University on an athletic scholarship, and excelled in basketball, rugby, and golf. Upon graduation, Greenway was recruited to the FBI and served as an agent for five years. She then returned to Gotham and served as Chief Warden of Gotham's prisons for seven years.

When Dora Smithy secretly activated a device that transported every male to an alternate dimension, Greenway was next in succession and became the acting commissioner in James Gordon's place. She quickly restored law and order but declared a new war on crime that targeted costumed individuals like Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Batgirl. After Gordon's return, Greenway returned to her previous post.