Tracy Flackman

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Real Identity: Tracy Flackman
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (SS): Static Shaq
Powers/Skills: Public Relations
Voiced By: Karyn Parsons

Tracy Flackman is Shaquille O'Neal's east coast public relations liaison but is a high strung young businesswoman who emphasizes constant work. While in Dakota City, she scheduled O'Neal for a Good Day Dakota appearance, mall opening, an appearance at the Mayor's fundraiser, and photo shoot at the marina. O'Neal went along with the plans but only wanted to have a small dinner at his hotel. Flackman turned it into a big social event. Luckily, the Ruffpack arrived in search of Static and caused a massive disturbance. In the confusion, O'Neal left the building with the Hawkins' family without her. The next day, she tracked him to the Hawkins' residence. Virgil Hawkins and O'Neal snuck out the back door. Eventually, the two were reunited at the Freeman Community Center.