Sean Foley

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Real Identity: Sean Foley
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (SS): Sons of the Fathers, Tantrum, and Frozen Out
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Dan Lauria

Sean Foley is the father of Richie Foley and husband of Maggie Foley, a family living in Dakota City. His side of the family is of Irish descent. Foley was a bigot and resented the transformation of Dakota City while remaining blind to a changing world. He concluded that rap music taught children to disrespect parents and was specifically intolerant of African Americans. Although his son spoke about his friend, Virgil Hawkins, Foley didn't know he was African American. During a botched dinner, Sean Foley declared Hawkins and his kind was a bad influence on his son. Richie Foley confronted him and ran away. After not returning home, Sean Foley met with Robert Hawkins at the Freeman Community Center.

Together, they headed into Ferris Row where Hawkins questioned several homeless people. The duo encountered Ebon and Shiv as Static arrived and saved them. Foley made amends with his son and attempted to change his point of view. He took the day off and took Richie Foley and Virgil Hawkins to the Dakota Comic Con. He also attended a memorial service for Jean Hawkins and a multi-denomination Christmas sermon with his family. At one point, Foley took a trip to Ireland to trace his family tree and returned home with a new outlook on life.