Luscius Fox

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Real Identity: Luscius Fox
Appearances (BTAS): Feat of Clay, Feat of Clay Part Two, Cat Scratch Fever, Heart of Steel, If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?, Off Balance, See No Evil, Avatar, Double Talk, Mean Seasons, The Ultimate Thrill and Chemistry
Skills: Business and Organization
Voiced By: Brock Peters

Luscius Fox is reputedly, one of the most powerful businessmen in all the world. Fortunately, Fox takes his position in stride. After Bruce Wayne returned to Gotham City from his world travels, Wayne hired Fox as his second. Together, they converted the Wayne Pharmeceuticals into a multi-national conglomerate. Though Wayne is the CEO, Fox shares the position and handles the day to day operations. Fox is a magnum cum laude graduate of the Morton Business School and has since been renowned for being a meticulous and honest businessman with skills of brilliant organization and finance. Fox is one of the few men who look past Wayne's playboy image and recognizes him as a worthy peer. Nonetheless, Fox is unaware of Wayne's secret identity as Batman. But his status has made him a target of Gotham's and the world's criminal underworld, including Roland Daggett, Count Vertigo and the Ventriloquist. His knowledge is a double-edged sword, Fox often has insight to the events in the business world.