King Faraday

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Real Identity: King Faraday
Appearances: Double Date, I am Legion and To Another Shore
Powers: None/Human
Voiced By: Scott Patterson

King Faraday was an elite soldier in the US military, however, he left to join one of many United States intelligence agencies, the Central Bureau of Intelligence. On the behalf of the CBI, Faraday traveled throughout the world as a government secret agent and fared a high success rate on all of his missions.

Faraday has nothing but contempt for superheroes, however, he has a begrudging respect for the Batman. As time passed, Faraday ascended to the top position of the CBI but it became absorbed into another intelligence agency, the Department of Extranormal Operations. No longer possessing his Olympic-level athleticism, Faraday mainly works behind the scenes in the intelligence community.

Recently, Faraday was assigned to a high profile case involving crime lord, Steven Mandragora. What presumably attached Faraday to the case was the Justice League Unlimited's role in tipping off Mandragora that one of their own, Huntress was out to kill him. Under federal custody, Mandragora would testify in a federal court against organized crime. However, Mandragora was merely stalling until he received word from his men that his son Edgar was arriving. Faraday was easily dispatched by Mandragora and was left in the safe house unconscious with his men.

Faraday was later reassigned to the position of military liason between the US government and the Justice League. Faraday worked alongside the League on three cases so far, the escape of Lex Luthor, Blackhawk Island and the attempted theft of the Viking Prince's body. But Faraday still operates in his original capacity. Faraday was the head of security for the US Vice President when he visited the World Assembly's summit on global warming.'