Jace Foley

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Real Identity: Jason "Jace" Foley
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (TZP): Resume Mission
Powers/Skills: Mechanical Aptitude
Voiced By: Brandon Jaxson

Jace Foley is an 11 year old boy living in Diamond Springs with his father, owner of a local body shop, at the address: Strata 13, Sector 199-H, Zone 4. Foley's current hobby is to play with any kind of technology he can get his hands on.

A year after Zeta and Batman destroyed the Infiltration Unit 7 at Arlington Mercy, the hospital was disposing of damaged parts. Mr. Foley took a box with him and gave it to his son. After Foley ran a diagnostic from his home workstation, the IU7 reactivated and began to rebuild itself. Once functioning, it took Foley hostage while waiting for its final replacement parts to arrive. When Zeta confronted IU7 at the Diamond Springs Body Shop, Foley realized the IU7's weakness was its exposed chip and advised Zeta. After the incident, Foley was uninjured and reunited with his fater.