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Real Identity: Frederick
Appearances (BTAS): The Lion and the Unicorn
Skills: Unspecified Government Training
Voiced By: Roy Doctrice

Frederick is or was an agent in the British Secret Service and long time associate and friend of Alfred Pennyworth. In the aftermath of the Cold War, missiles of mass destruction were scaled back as an omen of peace. Frederick and Alfred both became involved in Project Excalibur. The British government secretly kept the last of land-based missile silos as a last line of defense. The only way to access the silos were two verbal commands that could only be said by Frederick and Alfred.

Years later, Excalibur became a prize to the terrorist leader, Red Claw. She used Frederick to lure Alfred to London, but the sudden departure also caught the attention of Batman and Robin. The serums took their toll and Frederick was the first to reveal his command code. Batman and Robin managed to infiltrate the castle and stop Red Claw from her extortion plot. Frederick presumably stayed tied to the Service.