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Real Identity: Fingers
Appearances (BB): Speak No Evil
Powers: Super Strength
Voiced By: Malachi Thorne

Years ago, in Africa, a female gorilla and two young gorillas were poached by the world famous conservationist, James Van Dyle. After discarding federal radio transmitters, Van Dyle sold the gorillas. One was sold to the Gotham University and subjected to experiments by a pair of zoologists, Dr. Fulton and Dr. Zacharias. The intelligence tests were a failure. In an act of desperation, the doctors spliced the gorilla with human DNA. Named Fingers by the doctor's children, he berserked and escaped.

Fingers developed the ability to speak and other mental capacities associated with humans. He wanted to find his mother and aimed to confront James Van Dyle. Batman made an agreement with Fingers to stop the poacher on his own. Van Dyle kept no records of his sales and was nearly strangled by Fingers. Batman's words persisted and Fingers chose to spare Van Dyle and left him to the police. Fingers was returned to Africa and declined an injection to strip away his human DNA. He vowed to use his gift to be the continent's protector.