Sheldon and Rebecca Fallbrook

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Real Identity: Sheldon and Rebecca Fallbrook
Appearances (BTAS): The Terrible Trio
Skills: Business
Voiced By: (Sheldon Fallbrook) Hector Elizondo and (Rebecca Fallbrook) Khrystyne Haje

Sheldon and Rebecca Fallbrook are another father and daughter couple that inhabits the social elite in Gotham City. Sheldon, much like Ethan Clark, is also part of the elitists that are senior conservatives. Sheldon disapproved much of Rebecca's boyfriend and his two friends. His feelings were confirmed when the three doubled as criminals for sheer entertainment. Sheldon happened upon the Terrible Trio and was assaulted. Sheldon was hospitalized and Rebecca discovered her friend's secret. The Trio resolved to knock out Rebecca with chlorophyll and drop her off a cliff in her car. Batman intervened and saved Rebecca and stopped the Trio.