Dex Finley

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Real Identity: Dex Finley
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (TZP): Eye of the Storm
Powers/Skills: Piloting
Voiced By: Joey Lawrence

Dex Finley is the older brother of Dr. Carl Finley. Feeling inadequate in the face of his genius sibling, Dex was the more outgoing and social of the two. When the younger developed a pod to destroy storms, the two set out across America to save cities and lives. Dex Finley elected to pilot the pod.

While in Gale Plains, the Finley's met Zeta and Ro Rowan. After Dex Finley got acclaim on the Golden Globe News, Carl Finley was disgusted and set out to take on a F5 alone. Zeta revealed his true form and set out to save Finley. After the worst was over, the brothers reconciled and shared the spotlight on the next vidcast.