Ancient Egypt

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In ancient times, the continent of Egypt has unknowingly played home to several figures not of Earth. A demoness once ruled Africa and part of Eurasia with her supposed power of the gods.

In 6600 BC, two Thanagarian officers were stranded in Egypt. Together, they used their advanced technology to bring order and prosperity to a chaotic land. Katar Hol allegedly decided to unleash a campaign to unite all kingdoms in Egypt in harmony. One such kingdom was that of Khandaq. Khandaq was ruled by Aktan. After Katar successfully conquered it, the kingdom's champion, Teth Adam immediately sided with Katar.

Teth Adam was given magical powers by the wizard Shazam to fight injustice. When Teth Adam spoke the wizard's name, he was transformed by a thunder bolt into Mighty Adam. He possessed the power of six Egyptian gods, Shu, for stamina, Heru for speed, Amon, for strength, Zehuit, for wisdom, Aton, for power and Mehen, for courage. Teth Adam soon rose up as Egypt's champion after the empire of Katar Hol collapsed. But after the death of his wife and children, Teth Adam lost sight of his goals. He led Khandaq against other kingdoms in Egypt in pursuit of selfish gain and was soon called Khem Adam (Black Adam). Adam was stripped of his powers by Shazam and they were placed inside a scarab amulet later buried in the tomb of Pharaoh Ramses II.


Real Identites: Bashari
Appearances: Ancient History
Voiced By: Phil LaMarr

Bashari was the top general and best friend of Katar Hol. Though his complete military record was lost, it was known he successfully led a campaign to conquer Khandaq. Shortly after this victory, Bashari began to spend more time with the queen, Chay-Ara. The two fell in love in secret. However, Katar's advisor, Hath-Set discovered the illicit romance. A series of events led to the deaths of Bashari, Chay-Ara and Katar Hol.


Real Identites: Hath-Set
Appearances: Ancient History
Voiced By: Hector Elizondo

Hath-Set was the top advisor to Katar Hol. Hath-Set was also blindly loyal to the king. This left no room for the queen, Chay-Ara, to whom he suspected. Hath-Set soon discovered that Chay-Ara was having an affair with Bashari. Katar refused to believe Hath-Set's words until he saw it with his own eyes. Hath-Set heard and mis-interpreted the words of a man with a broken heart. He poisoned the wine to be taken to Bashari and Chay-Ara. Hath-Set's demise is unknown.