The Diaz'

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Real Identity: Ms. Diaz and Miguel Diaz
Appearances (BB): Unmasked
Skills: None
Voiced By: Sean Marquette (Miguel) and Theresa Saldana (Ms. Diaz)

Ms.Diaz is a single mother and member of the Treemont Tenant Association in Gotham City. Diaz sheltered her son, Miguel and let him do as he pleased. Like any mother, she would gradually push him to participate in extracircular activities such as piano lessons and soccer.

Miguel Diaz is a run of the mill child living in Gotham with his mother. Diaz was somewhat introverted and preferred playing alone with his Soldier Sam and Dr. Darkblood action figures. During the Treemont Tenant Association barbecue, he wondered off to a building rooftop. Meanwhile, Batman was pursuing a Kobra cell and was forced to save Diaz when the building was compromised. Batman revealed his face so Diaz would trust him to save his life.

Diaz revealed this on the news and was made a target of Kobra. Batman staked out and watched Diaz, even during piano lessons. Kobra disguised themselves as police officers sent by Commissioner Gordon to take the boy into protective custody. Kobra used a sensor to read Diaz' synapses and uncover Batman's identity. Diaz was able to project the Soldier Sam face onto Batman's and protect him. Diaz still remembered Terry McGinnis was Batman but kept it to himself.