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Real Identity: Derek "D.B." Barnett
Affiliation(s): Meta-Breed
Appearances (SS): The Breed
Powers/Skills: Ionic Energy Generation and Above Average Physical Attributes
Voiced By: Bumper Robinson

Derek Barnett was a student at Dakota Union High School and star athlete on the track team. He also made all-state in track. However, his bad grades were threatening to place him on academic probation. Barnett enlisted Virgil Hawkins to tutor him in mathematics and science. Soon, he began to suffer a delayed reaction to Quantum Vapor released in the Big Bang in the form of cramps. While taking the bus home, Barnett manifested and transformed into a being of pure energy. Afraid and confused, Barnett began to release ionic energy blasts and cause a disturbance.

Ebon extracted Barnett near a M'Lady Fine Fashions store and recruited him to the Meta-Breed. Believing he had no other option, Barnett joined as D-Struct but struggled to learn to transform at will. The Breed attacked a late night money transfer at the Dakota Sportsman shop but were confronted by Static. He unsuccessfully tried to reason with D-Struct. Four days later, Static found the hideout of the gang under the old Milestone Street Station near Milestone and Hill Street. Static convinced D-Struct to come with him and reunite with his mother. After being cleared of all charges, Barnett volunteered to be a test subject for Big Bang research. Years later, it is highly likely that Barnett was subjected to Dr. Todd's antidote and restored to a normal human.