Dr. Wakati

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Real Identity: Dr. Wakati
Appearances (BTAS): Time Out of Joint
Skills: Physics
Voiced By: Roscoe Lee Browne

Dr. Wakati is a reclusive scientist that lives outside of Gotham City at the Cranston Estates. The location of the estate allowed him to safely conduct his research, free of electromagnetic interference. Wakati remained secretive of his cutting edge technology. It allowed its user to warp time and as an extension, be a useful implement to society. With it, one could grow faster crops or even slow an ailing patient until a suitable organ transplant could be found.

Unfortunately, Wakati was an ailing man and required routine medication. For that reason, he needed a butler to serve him around the clock. That butler was Temple Fugate, the Clock King. Fugate bided his time until he mastered the device and could travel at super speed. Fugate set about to try to kill Mayor Hill once more and trapped Wakati in one of his own devices. Batman and Robin later arrived at the estate and freed Wakati. Wakati realized his technology wasn't ready for society at large, and allowed Batman and Robin to use his remaining devices to stop the Clock King.