Dr. Todd

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Real Identity: Dr. Donald Todd
Affiliation(s): Genomatech
Appearances (SS): Wet and Wild and Power Outage
Powers/Skills: Biotechnology
Voiced By: Ed Begley, Jr.

Dr. Todd is a scientist employed by Genomatech in Dakota City. Todd's daughter, Tina, attends Dakota Union High School. At Genomatech, Todd conducts cutting edge research and was one of many brought in to study the Quantum Vapor that turned dozens into metahumans. Todd and his team concluded the fumes inhaled altered their DNA. After much research and approval by the Mayor, Todd's team created an experimental cure that utilized mitochondrial resequencing to restore Bang Babies to normal humans. In order to perfect it, they needed a test subject. Todd asked Static and Gear to convince Aquamaria to volunteer. At the time, Todd believed a low electric current had to be introduced to a patient in order to lower their immune system for the cure to take effect. However, during the test, HotStreak sabotaged a power conduit feeding into the injection system controls. Aquamaria's powers were altered and she escaped.

Aquamaria recruited HotStreak to help him kidnap the scientists and force them to cure her. She kidnapped Todd while he attended a swim meet his daughter was participating in. They were unable to cure her despite what the computer models predicted. Gear deduced that the antidote needed to be electrified to sustain its potency. Todd was impressed and applied a final dose to cure Aquamaria once and for all. He came to value the service of Static and Gear but the rest of Dakota's Bang Babies were still dangerous. Todd soon perfected the antidote and the governor approved it late into the month. Todd secretly sprayed the city with it for several weeks. After about 12 metahumans were restored to normal, Todd was attacked by Ebon, Shiv, Talon, and HotStreak. They stole a cannister of leftover Quantum Vapor Todd used to engineer the antidote and planned to initate a second Big Bang. After the destruction of the S.S. Cheng, Dr. Todd began to spray Dakota again to make sure any lingering metahumans were exposed. Static and Gear inoculated themselves and retained their powers.