Dr. Selig

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Real Identity: Dr. Eli Selig
Affiliation(s): US Department of Defense, National Security Agency, The Zeta Project, and Sorben Institute
Appearances (TZP): Change of Heart, Absolute Zero, and The Hologram Man
Powers/Skills: Scientific Genuis, Programming, and Technology
Voiced By: George Segal/Hal Linden

In the mid-21st century, Dr. Selig was commissioned to lead a classified team of scientists and work on The Zeta Project. Together, they created the next generation of synthoids, infiltration units designed to replace and destroy targets. Considered to be a genius by most of his peers, Selig took a particular interest in Zeta and personally programmed every line of code and system in him. He also secretly implanted a cutting edge module that, when activated, would act as a conscience for Zeta. Selig's true plans for Zeta are unrevealed. Much to his disappointment, the module did not activate and since then moved onto more classified projects, spoke at select conferences, and did an occassional consult. Selig also then helped found the Sorben Institute in Texas. All the while, he was unaware of his creation's plight.

Zeta and Ro Rowan arrived at Grandview City, hoping to meet Selig. He was due to lecture on advanced neural simulators and their practical use at a hall in the Grandview Science Museum. However, Special Agents Bennett, West, and Lee were in hot pursuit. Selig was evacuated along with everyone else when a young girl named Cora Kay was trapped in the fusion reactor demonstrator. Undaunted, Zeta and Rowan journeyed to Gotham City to find Selig at a science symposium. Zeta was manipulated into a revenge scheme hatched by Mad Stan and missed another chance. Soon after, Selig appeared at a genetics conference in Diamond Springs. It appears these sessions were a welcome distraction from his work, as Selig believed they were misused as weapons by his benefactors.

During this time, Selig became involved in a new project to create a new generation of synthoids, semi-organic units. He constructed a prototype and masqueraded it as his assistant, Andrea Donoso. As he compiled more and more data from his research, Selig made upgrades to Donoso. In order to learn more about freezing and preserving living tissue, Selig and his team reserved Cryobin's facility for the day and consulted with resident scientist, Dr. Wilhelm. Unaware that Wilhelm was actually Zeta, a series of events led him to be trapped in a malfunctioned cryogenic chamber. Even if it meant arrest, Zeta stabalized his body temperature with an internal heating element. Selig made a full recovery and was placed under more guarded protection by Colonel Lemak. As part of the next phase of his research, Selig inquired about somatic regeneration in coral reef species, starfish in particular, to Dr. O'Keefe, of the Vernet Marine Research Center.

Aboard his laboratory in the Knossos, Selig commenced the creation of advanced synthoids with the ability to heal themselves. Zeta, Ro Rowan, Special Agent Bennett, and Brother's Day all arrived as these synthoids were being produced. Zeta met Selig again but before he could reveal himself, Brother's Day crippled the Knossos with thermal devices. As Selig and Donoso evacuated in escape pods, they were shot down. Donoso managed to shield Selig and pulled him to shore. Together, they went into even deeper protection.