Dr. Myrell

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Real Identity: Dr. Myrell
Affiliation(s): The Zeta Project and Myrell Youth Disability Center
Appearances (TZP): The Wrong Morph
Powers/Skills: Technology, Neuroscience, and Administration
Voiced By: Richard Libertini

Dr. Myrell specialized in creating devices that amplified physical attributes in humans. His skills got him recruited to the Zeta Project. He was part of the design team, possibly with Dr. Arroyo, and his amplification technology was used to endow the synthoids with enhanced physical attributes. After he left the Project, Myrell became very secretive, especially with his research.

Somewhere in the Midwest region, he founded the Myrell Youth Disability Center and became dedicated to restoring disabled children of their afflictions. Two of his know inventions were the Sight Stick, for the blind, and the Synaptic Amplifier, for those paralyzed. Myrell was protective of the Amplifier since its patent was still pending. However, despite the promise his inventions had, Myrell was desperate for funding. So desperate, he turned to a local criminal for help. When Blake demanded the Amplifier, he complied for the sake of being able to continue his research. However, when a patient of his, Kevin was falsely implicated, Myrell was willing to sacrifice him for the greater good. Zeta, Ro Rowan, and Kevin defeated Myrell and Blake and they were arrested.