Dr. McDonald

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Real Identity: Dr. McDonald
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (SS): Now You See Him...
Powers/Skills: Physics and Technology
Voiced By: Alan Young

Dr. McDonald is a gifted physicist based in Dakota City. His specialty is in the branch of relativity, hypertime. McDonald's life work was the creation of a device that could manipulate hypertime and allow its user to pass through, appearing to move at super speed by others. In the early 21st century, McDonald completed the Time Manipulator with his intern, Eddie Felson. However, Felson stole the device and became a thief named Speedwarp. McDonald threatened Felson with security footage of his Manipulator's theft and took a 10 AM flight out of the city to protect himself. Speedwarp managed to find the plane, steal the evidence, and sabotage the plane. Static and Gear responded to a distress call and landed the plane on Woodward Avenue. McDonald explained the situation and gave Gear his notes in order to build a second Time Manipulator in hopes of defeating Speedwarp.