Dr. Leslie Thompkins

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Real Identity: Dr. Leslie Thompkins
Appearances (BTAS): Appointment in Crime Alley, Perchance to Dream, I am the Night, Blind as a Bat, Paging the Crime Doctor and Chemistry
Skills: Medical Practice
Voiced By: Diana Muldaur

Dr. Leslie Thompkins was born into one of Gotham City's many wealthy families. Thompkins graduated with honors from Gotham State Universitie's Medical School, alongside her two close friends Matthew Thorne and Thomas Wayne. Dr. Thompkins decided to forego a lucrative practice and instead, became a social worker. She soon opened a free clinic for the disadvantaged in Park Row. While returning home from a late night house call, Dr. Thompkins found a young Bruce Wayne near the murdered bodies of his parents. Along with Alfred Pennyworth, Dr. Thompkins helped Wayne grief and raised him. She even encouraged him to travel the world and find some solace.

Dr. Thompkins was one of the few people to know of Bruce Wayne's double life as Batman. She usually provides medical care for Batman that Alfred can't patch up on his own in the Bat Cave. Dr. Thompkins continued her work in Crime Alley (formerly Park Row). Every year, Dr. Thompkins meets Batman on the anniversary of his parents' murder and watches him lay roses in their memory.

Despite living in Crime Alley, Dr. Thompkins lived without the fear of her own safety. She happened to accidentally discover Nitro and Crocker rigging all of the district with explosives per Roland Daggett's orders. Batman set off when she missed her appointment and rescued her and prevented the explosions from happening. In another instant, Bruce Wayne was temporarily blinded when the Penguin hijacked Wayne Tech's Raven XII vehicle. Dr. Thompkins advised Wayne to rest to which he refused. He implored Thompkins to adapt a cutting edge virtual reality technology to give him some sight. Dr. Thompkins held her reservations in opposition to Alfred's cheering. Years later, Dr. Thompkins was entrusted by Batman to help Tim Drake. Previously, he was kidnapped by the Joker and subjected to torture and brainwashing for three weeks. Dr. Thompkins took one year but brought Drake back to sanity.