Dr. Leland

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Real Identity: Dr. Joan Leland
Appearances (BTAS): Harley's Holiday, Double Talk, Chemistry and Mad Love
Skills: Psychiatry
Voiced By: Suzanne Stone

Dr. Leland is one of the head psychiatrists at Gotham City's Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane. Leland has shared a strange relationship with Harleen Quinzel. When Quinzel was a budding psychiatrist from Gotham State Universitie's prestigious Psychology Department, she chose Arkham to intern at. Leland openly displayed skepticism toward Quinzel's intentions. After Quinzel became the Joker's, Leland soon found her former intern was now a patient. In her career, Leland has had limited success in rehabilitating patients. Harley Quinn had a short lived stint, but Leland appeared to have had better success with the Ventriloquist.