Dr. Kirk Langstrom

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Real Identity: Dr. Kirk Langstrom
Appearances (BTAS): On Leather Wings, Tyger, Tyger, Terror in the Sky and Chemistry
Skills: Biology
Voiced By: Marc Singer

Dr. Kirk Langstrom is a leading biology researcher in Gotham City. Langstrom was formerly a colleague/ protege of Dr. Emile Dorian, who started the T-99 mutigen. After Dorian's exile, Langstrom continued to work on the mutigen while employed at the Gotham Zoo alongside his wife and father-in-law. Langstrom was able to synthesize a formula that could transform him into a Man Bat creature temporarily. The chemicals needed were very expensive and Langstrom became addicted to the power it gave him. As Man Bat, he'd break into places like Phoenix Pharmecuticals, in order to steal the needed components. The thefts falsely encriminated Batman. Batman soon confronted Langstrom and an aerial chase with the Man Bat followed. Batman was able to knock the Man Bat out and create an antigen in the Bat Cave's lab. Langstrom was returned to his wife and was convinced to end his research.

Langstrom's research was taken up by Dr. March with plans of his own. When the Man Bat resurfaced, Langstrom tested himself to see if somehow, the formula was still in his system. It was not the case. His wife accidentally injected herself, and she was convinced he was still the Man Bat. Langstrom attempted to intercept his wife before she left Gotham but she transformed. Together, with Batman, Langstrom saved his wife. Dr. March ended his line of research.

However, Langstrom's research lived on. When the government-sponsored agency Cadmus was seeking viable defenses against the Justice League, Dr. Milo used Langstrom's research to gene splice biological weapons. However, Milo failed. The gene splicing research later influenced the advance in illegal splicing that surged 50 years later by Dr. Cuvier.