Dr. Francine Langstrom

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Real Identity: Dr. Francine Langstrom
Appearances (BTAS): On Leather Wings, Terror in the Sky and Chemistry
Skills: Biology
Voiced By: Meredith Macrae

Dr. Francine Langstrom is the wife of fellow colleague in the biology field, Dr. Kirk Langstrom and is the daughter of Dr. March. All three are employed at the Gotham Zoo, which has received donations from Wayne Enterprises. She was helpless to stop her husband from obsessively carrying out his research on a formula that turned him into the Man Bat. Batman was able to capture Man Bat, synthesize an antigen and returned him to his wife.

Kirk ended his research to save his marriage and his sanity. However, Dr. March carried it on to create a better, refined version. Francine wlaked in on a weary Dr. March and he dropped the formula. Francine, had no idea it was the infamous formula, and helped clean up the mess and was cut by a glass shard. Francine became the new Man Bat but still believed it was her husband. She tried to flee Gotham via airplane but transformed. She was later cured by Batman and reunited with her husband.