Dr. Edmund

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Real Identity: Dr. Marcus Edmund
Affiliation(s): The Zeta Project
Appearances (TZP): The Hologram Man
Powers/Skills: Holographics
Voiced By: Michael McKean

Dr. Edmund is a holographics expert. His take on holographic emitters warranted his recruitment into the Zeta Project by Dr. Selig. After leaving the Project, Edmund was eventually approached and threatened by the Brother's Day terrorist group. In exchange for his life, Edmund had to impersonate Selig to download the current coordinates of the Knossos and help the cell gain access past security perimeters.

While downloading data on the Knossos, Zeta and Ro Rowan saw Selig, who was really Edmund, and followed him to a junkyard. Unaware of what was transpiring, Zeta saved Edmund's life. After he explained himself, Zeta and Rowan elected to take his place and an enforcer sent to kill Edmund. He agreed and gave a holographic emitter to Rowan.