Dr. Corso

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Real Identity: Dr. Peter Corso
Appearances (BB): April Moon
Skills: Prosthetics, Technology and Surgery
Voiced By: Ed Begley Jr.

Dr. Corso is a prosthetics expert in Gotham City. After 20 years of trial and error, Corso came up with his own servo motor prosthetics. Bruce Wayne purchased some of the motors for the Batsuit years ago. However, the years of work filled up Corso's empty life. That was until he met a client named Harold, who needed a wrist replacement. A week later, he encountered April, who became his assistant and wife. All the while, Harold and April led a small time gang intent on getting powers for themselves.

April was kidnapped and ransomed in exchange for some prosthetic upgrades. Batman broke up an attempted bank robbery and traced a servo motor to Corso. He didn't want Batman to interfere and endanger April, but to his horror he witnessed the truth. Luckily, Corso slipped a failsafe device into each of his patients. Batman managed to dismantle all bu Harold. Harold later met up with Corso for another operation, who more than obliged.