Dr. Arroyo

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Real Identity: Dr. Nelson Arroyo
Affiliation(s): The Zeta Project and Dyron Aerospace
Appearances (TZP): His Maker's Name
Powers/Skills: Robotics
Voiced By: Miguel Sandoval

Dr. Arroyo earned his Ph.D. in robotics and was recruited to Dr. Selig's Zeta Project, where he worked on the design team with minimal clearance. After the Project ended, Arroyo ended up in Ohio working for Dyron Aerospace. Based in Robotics Lab 6, Room 27-C, he worked on surface explorers for missions to other planets. After being questioned by the NSA then kidnapped by Ro Rowan, Arroyo's paranoia was apparent. He quickly chose sides when Zeta saved his life despite the fact that he lured Zeta into an electromagnetic field. Admitting he'd be arrested for aiding Zeta, Arroyo advised the duo to keep on the lookout for a Dr. Selig, the former head of the Zeta Project and chief programmer of Zeta.