Dr. Anokye

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Real Identity: Dr. Anokye
Affiliation(s): University of Ghana
Appearances (SS): Static in Africa and Out of Africa
Powers/Skills: Archaeology
Voiced By: Roscoe Lee Browne

Dr. Anokye is Professor of Archaeology at the University of Ghana in west Africa. It is unknown if he is a descedant of Okomfo Anokye, co-founder of the Empire of Ashanti. Dr. Anokye's claim to fame was discovering a map of ancient Kumasi which detailed a long lost palace filled with gold artifacts. While taking a train to Kumasi, he met the Hawkins Family and was more than happy to make a few suggestions on places to visit. However, Osebo, a villain he met in the past, arrived and stole the map. A short time later, Anokye was given back the map by Anansi the Spider and Static.

Anokye then led an excavation team to Lake Volta and found several of the rumored artifacts, including the Golden Spider. After setting them up overseas at the Dakota Museum of History as the Ancient Treasures of Africa, Anokye learned the Golden Spider was the power source of Anansi. He made arrangements to return the artifact to the hero but Osebo, Onini, and Mmoboro arrived in search of it. Anokye hid the Spider in Sharon Hawkins' jacket. When Static and Gear appeared, Mmoboro blasted the ceiling above Anokye as a distraction to escape. He was injured and taken to a local hospital. Under guarded condition, Anokye was eventually released and returned to Africa.