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Real Identity: Draaga
Appearances: War World Part One and Part Two
Powers: Immense strength
Voiced By: William Smith

The reigning champion of War World, Draaga easily conquered his opponents in coliseum type battles that ended depending on the people's vote. Over time, Draaga became to accustomed to winning. Still, he fought for the sake of honor, an ideal that was lacking in such a destitute world.

However, Draaga met defeat at the hands of Superman. Superman refused to kill Draaga despite his pleas. Draaga was dumped on a nearby planet used for refuse thanks to the intervention of Superman. When Draaga came to, he branded a crude representation of Superman's 'S' onto his chest and swore to even the score. He later encountered John Stewart and Hawkgirl and led them to War World. Meanwhile, Mongul blackmailed Superman into fighting him and taking a fall or else he would aim the planet's death ray at Draaga's planet. Soon enough, Draaga and the Justice League intervened. After Mongul was defeated by Draaga, Superman suggested that he become the planet's new ruler and enact the reforms that he once tried to before Mongul cast him down.