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Real Identity: Clio Droukas
Appearances (BTAS): Fire from Olympus
Skills: Law
Voiced By: Bess Armstrong

Clio Droukas was a lawyer for Maximillion Shipping and the girlfriend of the shipping company's head. After succombing to the pressures of catering to the mob, Maxie Zeus had a mental breakdown and fashioned himself as an avatar of Zeus. Droukas attempted to plead with him to come to his senses many times. However, Maxie merely treated her as a muse from Greek mythology. Droukas was approached by Batman to infiltrate Maxie's condo after he deduced Maxie was behind the theft of the government's Electron Discharge Cannon. Maxie figured out she helped Batman and had her tied to the Cannon. Batman freed her in time and stopped Maxie from unleashing the Cannon on Gotham City.