Andrea Donoso

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Real Identity: Andrea Donoso
Affiliation(s): US Department of Defense and National Security Agency
Appearances (TZP): Absolute Zero and The Hologram Man
Powers/Skills: Superhuman Attributes, Technological Aptitude, Armed and Unarmed Combat, Tactical Training, Rapid Cellular Regeneration, and Holographic Emission
Voiced By: Grey DeLisle

When Dr. Selig was commissioned to begin work on creating a new generation of synthoids, he first built a prototype. Calling it Andrea Donoso, Selig cast her as his assistant and was placed in charge of his personal security. As Selig's research grew, he implanted upgrades to her system, including the ability to heal.

At Cryobin, Donoso deducted that Dr. Wilhelm was being impersonated and activated security to apprehend him, who turned out to be Zeta. After that fiasco, she continued to watch over him and eventually returned to the Knossos with Selig to begin production of semi-organic synthoids. Following the attack led by Titus Sweete, of Brother's Day, Donoso escorted Selig to an escape pod. The pod was shot down by Sweete but Donoso was able to keep Selig alive and dragged him to shore. They went into deeper hiding.