Nick Connor

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Real Identity: Nick Connor
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (SS): Jimmy
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Mikey Kelley

Nick Connor is a student at Dakota Union High School. He belongs to the same year as Virgil Hawkins. Connor was voted best personality but appearances were deceiving. He and his cronies, Ray and Kevin, tormented at least one classmate on a daily basis, Jimmy Osgood. Things came to a head when Osgood overheard a conversation between Connor and Frieda Goren at the Freeman Community Center during a set up for the Fright Fest. Connor retaliated by locking Osgood in a locker. Osgood was traumatized and wasn't seen for several days. After the Fright Fest, student volunteers began to take down the decorations and displays. Osgood appeared and confronted Connor with his father's handgun. In the altercation, Richie Foley was shot in one of his legs. Princical Aguilar gave Connor a suspension and assigned him to community service.