Ethan and Lisa Clark

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Real Identity: Ethan and Lisa Clark
Appearances (BTAS): Prophecy of Doom
Skills: Banking
Voiced By: (Ethan Clark) William Windom and (Lisa Clark) Heather Locklear

Ethan Clark is another of Gotham City's idle rich. Clark is a banker by trade and part of the older conservative elites. Clark was one of the victimes of the frauds, Nostromos and his partner, Lucas. Clark became one of the inner circle of Nostromos' secret brotherhood.

Clark's daughter, Lisa, however, was more skeptical of Nostromos. She was one of the few that openly saw Nostromos as an act and believed he manipulated events to happen in his favor. Lisa sneaked onto Nostromos' estate but was bound and gagged.

Meanwhile, Nostromos decided to cash in on his grand scheme about "the Great Fall," an economic collapse that he predicted. Nostromos couldn't withdraw any of the transferred funds without the written approval of Ethan. Nostromos used the captured Lisa to blackmail a bewildered Ethan but Batman arrived and shut down Nostromos.