Earl Cooper

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Real Identity: Earl Cooper
Appearances (BTAS): The Mechanic
Skills: Engineering
Voiced By: Paul Winfield

Earl Cooper was a 20 year veteran engineer for Global Motors. He managed to find a brake design flaw in the company's newest sports car. However, his findings fell upon deaf ears. His superiors sent hired muscle to silence Cooper. Cooper was saved by Batman. After the scandal, Cooper was blacklisted as a whistle blower and couldn't find any employment. He was approaced by Batman to design and build him a new Batmobile. Cooper obliged and in six months came up with the design specs. Batman funded and outfitted Cooper's operation, which was set up about three miles outside of Gotham City.

The Penguin managed to become privy to Earl Cooper's operations with Batman and invaded his compound. Penguin forced Cooper to sabotage the Batmobile by holding his daughter ransom. However, Cooper managed to sneak a safeguard into the Batmobile, and it allowed Batman and Robin to survive. Afterwards, Batman decided to move Cooper to another location. All the while, Cooper began imagining his next version of the Batmobile.