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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (BTAS): Make 'Em Laugh
Skills: None
Voiced By: (Condiment King) Stuart Pankin, (Packrat) Grant Shaud, and (Mighty Mom) Andrea Martin

Even Gotham City has its share of premiere comedians. Aside from their lucrative television spots, the trio also served as a panel of judges for a local comedy contest. In the previous year's competition, a contestant crashed the show and was pulled offstage. This contestant was atually the Joker in disguise.

The Joker stole a bunch of the Mad Hatter's mind control microchips and kidnapped the comedians one by one. Joker then propped them up as gaudy supervillains, the Condiment King, Packrat and Mighty Mom in an effort to ruin their careers and take first place gold.