Colonel Lemak

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Real Identity: Colonel Lemak
Affiliation(s): United States Department of Defense and National Security Agency
Appearances (TZP): Absolute Zero and The Hologram Man
Powers/Skills: Military Training, Bureaucracy, and Law Investigation
Voiced By: Michael Dorn

Colonel Lemak is an agency executive in the National Security Agency and also a close friend of Special Agent Bennett. Due to his rank and title, Lemak is privy to the NSA and DoD's high clearance projects, including those that involve Dr. Selig. After he realized Zeta broke into the Applied Research and Development to find data on Selig, he forbade Bennett from investigating further. Bennett, however, disobeyed and continued alone. Agent Lee alerted Lemak to the situation. He gathered forces to converge on Cryobin and extract Selig. Upon doing so, Selig was transferred to his protection and became even more reclusive.

Months later, when Selig mysteriously appeared at an IU Debriefing Post, Lemak summoned Bennett to help investigate. Bennett realized it wasn't Selig. Upon holo-viewing, the duo discovered it was Dr. Edmund, a former member of Selig's Zeta Project.