Chief Barnsdale

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Real Identity: Chief Barnsdale
Affiliation(s): Dakota City Police Department
Appearances (SS): Replay, Brother-Sister Act, Pop's Girlfriend, and The Parent Trap
Powers/Skills: Law Enforcement and Administration
Voiced By: Dennis Haybert

Chief Barnsdale is the police chief of the Dakota City Police Department. After being overwhelmed with gang activity and corruption, the arrival of Static to curb metahuman crime was welcome. However, when Replay and his Static clone went on a crime spree, Barnsdale was forced to take action. At a live press conference, he formed the Dakota Metahuman Capture Division, an elite unit tasked with capturing metahumans with non-lethal weapons. Once Static was exonerated, Replay became of the first arrest of the division. Barnsdale continued to include Static in investigations including Boom's robbery of the Raj Mahal nightclub and mysterious chemical laboratory thefts. After a second Big Bang was averted at Dakota Union High School, Barnsdale awarded Officer Trina Jessup, Officer Kim Garcia, and Virgil Hawkins for heroism at a public ceremony.