Chelsea Cunningham

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Real Identity: Chelsea Cunningham
Appearances (BB): Rebirth Part One, Blackout, The Winning Edge, Spellbound, Splicers, Hooked Up, Rats, Revenant, Terry's Friend Dates a Robot, The Last Resort, The Eggbaby, Plague, Inqueling and Return of the Joker
Skills: None
Voiced By: Yvette Lowenthal/ Rachael Leigh Cook

Chelsea Cunningham is a friend of Terry McGinnis and Dana Tan and attended Hamilton High School with them. She is rather promiscious with boys and does controversial things like splicing her DNA. Despite all this, Cunningham is a good person and is only acting out due to her strained relationship with her father. Cunningham was considered an at-risk teenager and sent with many others to Dr. Wheeler's ranch. The teenagers were subjected to brainwashing and sleep deprivation. Terry McGinnis snuck into the facility and found Cunningham. He recorded her testimony and photographed her. Unfortunately, McGinnis was captured and imprisoned. He later escaped as Batman and freed everyone.