Charlie Collins

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Real Identity: Charlie Collins
Appearances (BTAS): Joker's Favor
Skills: None
Voiced By: Ed Begley Jr.

Born on March 17, 1946, Charlie Collins was a run of the mill overworked and under appreciated middle class salaryman of Gotham City. According to an old driver's license, his identification numer was VGS78497 and has brown hair, brown eyes, weighs 182 pounds, and stands at 5 feet 10 inches. On one of his commutes home in Woodhurst Drive Gotham Estates, Collins succombed to road rage due in part to a high speed car chase initiated by the Gotham City Police Department and Batman. However, the recipient of his anger happened to be the Joker. Collins was stalked and pleaded for his life. Joker spared his life in return for an I.O.U. at his choosing. Collins relocated his family to Springdale, Ohio and changed his identity to Don Wallace. But the Joker still managed to keep tabs on him.

Two years later, the Joker finally decided to use Collins and called in his favor. Joker and his gang planned on crashing a testimonial for Commissioner James Gordon at the Gotham Peregrinator's Club. Joker intended to leave Collins for dead as part of the punchline. However, all those years of living in fear made Collins snap. Collins managed to rig a Bat Signal from props and bluffed the Joker into giving up with a fake grenade.