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Real Identity: Cassidy
Appearances (BTAS): Torch Song
Skills: Performing Arts
Voiced By: Karla DeVito

Cassidy was a pop music star that portrayed the image of the bad girl stereotype. Her performances often incorporated a pyrotechnic motif. Cassidy, herself, enjoyed a measure of popularity and was flirtatious with men. She once toyed with Garfield Lynns, her pyrotechnic expert. Cassidy regarded Lynns as a one time deal but Lynns was obsessed with her. Cassidy attempted to put aside their history and allow Lynns to keep his job but it didn't last. When she was opening for the Rock City nightclub, Lynns almost got her killed. Lynns went into hiding and devised an armada of fire-based weapons. He tried to gut all of Gotham City in a fire storm and flee with Cassidy but was defeated by Batman. Cassidy was mentally scarred by the ordeal and is afraid of fire.