Rudy and Gloria Buenventura

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Real Identity: Rudy and Gloria Buenventura
Affiliation(s): Tannor Enterprises
Appearances (TZP): Kid Genius
Powers/Skills: Mechanical Aptitude
Voiced By: Brian Donovan/Nikita Hopkins (Rudy) and Jennifer Hale/Natalie Strom (Gloria)

Rudy and Gloria Buenventura are a married couple living in the suburbs of New Mexico during the mid-21st century. Both are a pair of scientific geniuses and inventors. They appeared to have pursued their inventions whimsically rather than raise their son, Bucky, who then developed a disdain for authority figures. Some time later, they were hired by Dr. Tannor to help him with an anti-aging scheme. Based in Tannor Enterprises' Administration Building C at the Rejuvenation Center, the Buenventura's created the Genome Reversal Generator.

In the research and development phase, the machine turned its human test subjects into ape men. Struggling to correct the glitch, the duo were de-aged into infants. Desperate for a fix, Dr. Tannor held them hostage and blackmailed Bucky Buenventura into rectifying the situation. After the attempt failed, everyone was evacuated. Zeta and Bucky created a second device to restore everyone to normal, including Rudy and Gloria.